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Philadelphia is a Saxophone City! 

Saxophone City - A tribute to Philadelphia's great saxophone legacy


I was awarded a Black Music City grant from REC Philly for this project, celebrating Juneteenth. Featuring Philly Saxophonists Yesseh Furaha Ali, Josh Lee, Tim Warfield, and Kynoebi Simpson. In this video, we play homage to John Coltrane on Impressions. Although he was born in North Carolina, Coltrane began playing saxophone when he moved to Philadelphia at age 17. His North Philadelphia home still stands. He left a profound impact on the city that is still felt today.


Sixers Playoff Halftime Show 

Here's a picture from the Philadelphia 76ers halftime show. Round 1, Game 1. An electrifying experience as the Sixers were up during halftime and subsequently won the game. The dancers, entertainers, stuntmen and drum line were featured. The four SnackTime horns filled up the stadium with brass. I've never been in a marching band before, so this was the closest experience because our music, dance, steps and other movements were carefully choreographed. With trumpet players Elliot Bild, Charles Washington, and Banks Sapnar.

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